Sea Wall Extension

PCC’s innovative Sea Wall Saver mitigates the effects of climate change by extending the height of sea walls with a precast concrete capping system. We custom-design every engineered Sea Wall extension system for your specific needs. The PCC sea wall installs on top of the existing sea wall and has an expected lifespan of 100 years.  No need to demolish the wall and rebuild, saving time and money!

Contact PCC today for details on this patent-pending solution for rising tides!

Benefits of the PCC Sea Wall Extension System
Precast Concrete Concepts - Innovations

Accelerated Bridge Construction

According to the FHWA, 25% of the nation’s 600,000 bridges require rehabilitation, repair, or total replacement. However, full and partial road closures for rehabbing bridges can have serious social impacts to mobility and safety.

Accelerated bridge construction (ABC) significantly reduces closure times, improves safety, and saves costs. PCC has expertise in all aspects of accelerated bridge construction, from small to large. Contact us for assistance with design, planning and execution of ABC projects.

FRP Reinforcement

We are on the front lines of developing non-corrosive reinforcement for infrastructure, working with DOTs, contractors and the newly formed FRP Institute for Civil Infrastructure to advance this proven, resilient reinforcement for the next generation of highways, bridges, sound wall and other structures. FRP reinforcement is 25% of the weight of steel, has greater tensile strength than steel and will never corrode, which contributes to longer life and much less deterioration of concrete structures.

FRP reinforcement saves transport costs, is easier to move and place on the jobsite, and is ideal for environments where corrosion is common, such as coastal areas and roads that are salted during winter weather events. Contact PCC to learn more about the benefits of FRPs.